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“If you travel within, you will travel the whole world, and beyond”


~Shams Tabrizi~

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Parapsychologist, Ceremony Facilitator and Holistic Coach

I'm Reverend Vyolet and I created this website for my business Prism Journey, as a way for people to find me and access the services that I offer. Many of my services can be offered remotely, but some are always provided in-person. These can be energy healing services or others which are ceremonial in nature. I have begun to provide monthly ceremony circles at Urban Wellness, a local collective in the Phoenix area that supports the alternative medicine community. Look for Rhythm Ritual on my services list to join!

As a Reverend, I have been ordained in the tradition of the International Metaphysical Ministry and am able to provide services like marriage ceremonies which are recognized by the state as valid. I have also obtained a Masters Degree in Metaphysical counseling, also known as Parapsychology and am a member of the American Psychological Association. In addition I hold Degrees in Anthropology, Global Health and Behavioral Health Sciences as well as certifications of Reiki Master, Master Intuitive, Tarot Master and many Occult and Magickal certifications. I have been taught directly by tribal leaders of the Huni Kuin, Mayan and Shipibo tribes. I am a proud LGBTQIA+ community member and welcome community members for any of my services, offering safe, non-judgmental space and care. For additional information about my background, read on!

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Which Services Speak to You?

  • Book this free session to schedule a one on one with me!

    15 min

  • Integration guidance to activate greater awareness and power in life

    45 min

    75 US dollars
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