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A Journey is only the Beginning of


Now Available for Integration Coaching


Unlike many current integration coaches and journey facilitators who are only recently discovering the field, entering the world of the intangible and integrating its mysteries into daily life has been a lifelong endeavor for me. So much so, that I have spent the last 18 years focusing a large portion of my time plunging deeply into metaphysical mysteries, learning to move my consciousness between worlds and interpret my findings, and integrating profound lessons and truths about existence into the lives of both myself and my clients.

My journey with ceremonies began over 40 years ago when I first began attending ancient ceremonies hosted by the community in which I lived. This community was isolated from the modern world and through these experiences I became familiar with the intangible, metaphysical side of life and the energies that inhabit that space.

As I grew and progressed with time, I began to understand the connection between ancient practices I had grown up with, and those of shamans and healers around the world. Over 20 years ago, I was initiated into a Magickal society in which I learned the art of many magical practices, including the creation of entheogenic potions for assistance with journeying and seeing.

Inevitably in the early 2000's I found myself in the Amazon rainforest spending time with the Shipibo tribe and learning even deeper truths about the many medicines the earth offers for our healing and spiritual growth. In amongst the medicines I have worked with extensively are cacao, rose, lotus, cannabis, ayahuasca, psilocybin mushroom, huachuma and kambo. I have successfully made many journeys across the threshold of awareness and brought back untouchable and profound truths through which I have grown extensively over the last decade. I spent over a year apprenticing with a facilitator and assisted hundreds of journeys as well as facilitating many more of my own.

One thing I have learned over everything else is that the space in which one journeys and the time it takes to integrate the journey are often underestimated. Many people feel they can undertake these tasks without a great deal of experience or training however this can be dangerous both for the facilitator and for those who are on their quest for vision and greater awareness. Undertaking a large number of journeys without taking the time to acknowledge and attend the integration can also leave individuals feeling unfulfilled and thirsty for something beyond their ability to grasp, no matter how hard they strive to achieve it. It takes someone who understands the metaphysical world in depth to accurately guide journeys and assist with their integration.

If you have undertaken journeys and would like to work on the integration for your continued growth, or have tried integration but still feel the need for greater understanding, please contact me today for assistance!



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How I Can Help You

  • Book this free session to schedule a one on one with me!

    30 min
  • Integration guidance to activate greater awareness and power in life

    45 min
    75 US dollars
  • To ready you for any psychedelic journey

    30 min
    60 US dollars
  • Multiple options available from self-led to in-person journeys

    8 hr
    Starting at $100

  • 1 hr
    150 US dollars
  • An experience designed to support your emotional, psychological, and s...

    1 hr
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