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Choose the Plan for You

I offer coaching, consulting, and support for your personal and professional development.

  • Prism Journey Blog

    Check out my blog to see what's in store for seekers
    Free Plan
    • Includes "Prism Journey: Welcome to illumination"
  • Best Value

    Discovery Session

    Use this short session to try us on!
    Valid for one month
    • Find out more about Prism Journey services
    • Learn how Prism Journey can assist you
    • Get excited about a new adventure in awareness
    • Learn a little more about your metaphysical self
    • Open a pathway to unlocking profound secret knowledge
  • Trauma Recovery

    Therapy designed to reach the trauma root for deep recovery
    Valid for 5 weeks
    • Deeper insight into your personal makeup and behaviors
    • Develop practical coping tools to reduce anxiety
    • Learn about and access deep natural healing practices
    • Dive deeply into your own self actualization process
    • Make better decisions for your life
  • Integrated Package

    A tailored combination of facilitation and coaching
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • One Pre-Journey Readiness Session
    • Facilitation of two sacred medicine journeys
    • Three post-journey integration sessions
  • Direction & Purpose

    A full program to reshape your being and doing
    Valid for 12 months
    • Get a written blueprint of your metaphysical makeup
    • Clearly define your most intrinsic personal values
    • Become familiar with each internal aspect of your character
    • Learn to activate neurogenesis and reshape your behavior
    • Begin your path to self-actualization
    • Gain access to esoteric and metaphysical knowledge
    • Reshape your paradigm to match your intrinsic values
    • Learn the art of manifestation
    • Progress toward a greater sense of self mastery
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