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Bay Magick

If you received a Bay Leaf at one of our recent events, follow these tips to bring the Magick of Bay into your life. Allow your bay leaf to act as a conduit for connecting with the natural world's powerful and healing energy.

Intention Setting & Manifestation:

Write it Down: Clearly write your affirmation on a bay leaf. Be specific and focus on what you desire to bring into your life.

Release & Renew: Light the bay leaf in a safe container and watch it burn, visualizing your intention taking flight with the smoke.


Cleanse & Protect

Smoke Cleansing: Bundle dried bay leaves with ethically sourced incense (like frankincense or palo santo). Light the bundle and cleanse your space, banishing negativity.

Visualization Power: Envision white light filling your space, creating a haven of peace and protection

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