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  • Book this free session to schedule a one on one with me!

    15 min

  • Integration guidance to activate greater awareness and power in life

    45 min

    75 US dollars
  • 2 hr

    150 US dollars
  • This class will help you develop a framework for gaining awareness

    50 US dollars
  • A quick chat to ensure your fitness for an upcoming ceremony

    15 min

    From 1 US dollar
  • Multiple options available from self-led to in-person journeys

    8 hr

    Starting at $100
  • To ready you for any psychedelic journey

    30 min

    60 US dollars
  • An experience designed to support your emotional, psychological, and s...

    1 hr

  • Ground, Reconnect and Heal Through an Immersive Journey of Sound Featu...

    2 hr

    65 US dollars
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